Downsize, Right-size, Declutter

Organize and thoughtfully sort a room, area, or entire home

Make a plan for what is no longer needed

Facilitate a consignment sale or auction

Inventory items for insurancee purposes or for peace of mind ahead of a move

Donate items where they are most needed

Repurpose pieces to meet current lifestyle

Safely shred financial documents and recycle electronics and toxic household materials 

The Move

Interview movers, facilitate the move, handle day-of move logistics

Provide packing prep for the movers and oversee/handle the unpack

Assist with details of the new home ahead of move, such as detailed floor planning, paint colors, rug cleaning, reframing, to name a few 

Stage belongings in new home, with everything in its place

Work with realtor to clear out and prepare former home for sale


Provide a full home and property assessment with recommendations

Cull current home of unnecessary items taking up valuable space

Reorganize home for greater functional ease, such as moving the washer/dryer or retrofitting kitchen cabinets

Recommend and manage minor home renovations, such as adding a shower to a downstairs bathroom

Manage home maintenance on a monthly, retainer-based schedule to handle regular and seasonal tasks 

Downsizing is Our Specialty

Our focus on senior moves and senior relocation means we’re able to help you or a loved one handle the emotional and often difficult transition from a home of 20, 30, 40 years to a smaller one, sometimes in another state. If moving to another town or state, our membership in the National Association of Senior Move Managers ensures we have the expert partner on the ground at the new home location. Whether moving to an apartment, retirement community or with family, locally or long distance, we can help manage all aspects of this important transition.   

Our Promise

 We approach each project with discretion, compassion and a calm and steady hand. We follow strict codes of professional organizing and moving ethics.  Your home and personal life belong to you, and we keep your personal information in strict confidence, always. 

Our clients are happy to talk to you about the work we've done for them, just let us know and we'll put you in touch with them.

Cull & Tend is Eco-Friendly


Our Aprons are Green for a Reason!

Cull & Tend uses green practices to minimize landfill waste and reduce pollution. We utilize curbside recycling, donate usable items, and send textiles to animal shelters and fabric-recycling organizations. We collaborate with your municipality to recycle or responsibly dispose of items such as small appliances, electronics, scrap metal and household hazardous waste. You can relax knowing that while we are culling your space, we are also tending to the environment.